cubiclingers cubicle toy they stick to fabric

With Cubi-Clingers, office workers everywhere are transforming those pesky, useless cubicles into canvases of self-expression. Just pop out the pieces and slap them onto the first fabric wall you see. Behold the miraculous transformation! We're totally NOT exaggerating!

ALPHABET - $4.99

Our Alphabet collection is the perfect tool for passive-aggressive communication with superiors, subordinates, and everyone in between.

FANCY PETS - $4.99

The charmingly irritated dog and cat are happy to model hats for you as you slave away the day. Remember, no one can resist a weiner dog.

NOTE: For orders outside of the USA, you will be invoiced for any additional postage costs that exceed our flat shipping rate.

alphabet cubicle toyfancy pets cubicle toy

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A fun novelty office toy for fabric cubicle walls!
Decorate your cubicle and express your true feelings!
Makes a perfect office gift!