cubiclingers cubicle toy they stick to fabric

Do Cubi-Clingers stick to every kind of fabric?

No they don't. But they stick to most kinds of cubicle fabric, especially if it's a bit fuzzy. Still there are some stubborn cubicle walls that are too smooth for Cubi-Clingers to grip to. If you're one such unlucky cubicle worker, don't worry. You can stick your 'Clingers to a fuzzy chair, a Velcro board, or even your sweater.

Where can I find Cubi-Clingers?

You can purchase them right here. If you'd like a store near you to carry our products, tell them about us!

Why doesn't anything happen when I press the shopping cart buttons?

If you use a pop-up stopper it might be treating our shopping cart window like a pop-up, preventing it from opening. Simply disable it while you're making your purchase.

Do I have to order Cubi-Clingers from within the USA?

No you don't, but you will be invoiced for any additional postage costs that exceed our flat shipping rate. Feel free to email us first, to find out how much those additional costs will be. Include your mailing address.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping and handling is $1 per item. International customers, see above.

Is it true that Cubi-Clingers were invented by a real live cubicle worker in San Francisco?

Yes. It's truer than you could ever imagine.

Do Cubi-Clingers make a perfect gift?

Yes indeed, they make a perfect gift for your Secret Santa person, or that mysterious co-worker you know nothing about but have to buy a present for, or someone with whom you'd like to have a forbidden corporate affair, or for anyone you like, dislike, or feel neutral about.

Do Cubi-Clingers offer any health benefits?

Yes, Cubi-Clingers reduce the risk of job-related boredom, which reduces the risk of falling asleep and banging your head on your computer.

What if I'm not very bright?

No need to panic. Cubi-Clingers are carefully calibrated for full enjoyment by geniuses as well as idiots.

Do Cubi-Clingers have any special plans for world domination?

Why yes, thanks for asking, as a matter of fact we do. Of course the specifics are top secret, but let's just say you'll be seeing a lot more of us in a groovy secret utopian future.