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What's so fun about working in an office cubicle?


1) Wasting time!

Are you bored in there? Do you like wasting time? Of course you do. But you probably call it “taking a break.” And you deserve it. Here are a few of our favorite ways to waste precious corporate time:

This never gets boring: Guess the Dictator/Sitcom Character
Good clean fun:
Constantly correct your gullible coworkers: Snopes
Watch random videos:
Judge celebrity faces: Awful Plastic Surgery


2) Office pranks!

What else have you got to do? Give these winners a try.

THE PUPPET: Next time you find yourself in an almost empty office, with pretty much everyone but you and your victim gone off to a big lunch party that you weren't invited to, try out this subtle, yet creepy, prank. All you need for this one is a puppet — I recommend a very innocent looking one for maximum creepiness, perhaps a duckie or a sock with button eyes. (For best results, be lucky enough to have those cubicles with the nice high walls.) Now sneak into the cubicle next to your victim's, and start doing a silent puppet show over the wall. This is where the puppet just stares silently at the victim until he/she happens to look up and notice. Believe me, you'll hear a scream!

THE COMBO: Our current favorite is not really a practical joke, but more just a weird thing to do that will make you feel secretly uncomfortable about one of your coworkers. Doesn't that sound fun? Here's what you do: pin a dollar bill to an old, worn pair of underwear. (Clean is ok, but they should look a bit tattered and scary.) Drop the money/pant combo on the restroom floor and then get the hell out of there, but don't go too far. Hang out in an inconspicuous location and notice who goes in next. When that person exits, go check on the combo. If the money is gone then you've caught yourself one greedy little sicko! BUSTED!

THE PASSENGERS: You don't need a cubicle for this precious prank, but you do need an elevator. The premise is very simple: send a little something for a ride down the elevator to greet the people waiting in the lobby. The identity of that "little something" is what will give this prank your own personal signature. Use your imagination, go crazy...but just in case you have no imagination or craziness here is my number one recommendation. First, you or a crafty friend will need to sew up some tiny little business suits. Or if you're lazy you can buy business doll clothes, if such a thing exists. Now dress up a variety of fruits and vegetables in the miniature power wardrobe. Imagine how incredibly darling they will look with their painted on eyeglasses, carrying teensy briefcases and cell phones. Bananas! Papayas! Zucchini! All late for a very important meeting! If all goes well no one will get hostile and/or hungry, allowing the gentle passengers to ride up and down all day long, surprising and delighting as many victims as possible.

THE SWITCHO: If done right, this is an ideal prank that can both scare and embarrass your victims. "The Switcho" requires an accomplice, and the accomplice must be the person who sits next to you, so when you start a new job make it your number one goal to be as friendly as possible to your neighbors so that you can form a deep bond and someday perpetrate this prank together. To set up this trick, you and your accomplice must swap computer keyboards — but keep them connected to their original computers. In other words, what you type will show up on his/her monitor, and what he/she types will show up on yours. (You might need extension cables if you don't sit super close. Just ask your IT guy!) Now, you might want to enroll in a method acting class so you can act as convincingly scared and mystified as possible for the next part. Begin complaining to a random victim (let's call her Susan) that your keyboard's not working. Being a nice person, Susan will start helpfully pecking away at your keyboard, but nothing appears on your monitor. This is when your sly accomplice begins the shenanigans. Whatever he/she types will now "mysteriously" appear on your monitor, making it seem that the computer has a mind of its own. Example: "What a lovely red power suit you're wearing today," or "Susan, I know about you and Todd". If you are a good enough actor, and your accomplice is both clever and stealthy, you should have your co-workers whipped into a confused panic in no time flat. This one's a proven winner! Everyone will feel so silly and irritable when they find out it was just another Corporate Prank!


3) Playing with Cubi-Clingers!

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